Shakan S.A.

Shakan SA is an accounting firm active in western Switzerland, mainly in the Canton of Vaud. It provides services in the following areas such as audit, accounting, tax and business advisory.

The company is managed by Olivier Mirshak, Swiss Certified Public Accountant, licensed audit expert and patented fiduciary agent, who has a solid experience in the fiduciary field. Moreover, he worked twelve years for one of the Big 4.

With a large network of specialists on which we can support us to fulfill your goals, we are able to guide you throughout the life of your business by acting as a trusted business partner.

Our values

We are a “studious” company where collaborators continuously perfect their technical knowledge. We encourage innovative thinking and sharing of information and ideas. We seek success for our customers and strive to provide the best solutions. To get there, we continually work to improve the value of our services, our procedures and our ideas.
We preserve our independence and we maintain the highest degree of professionalism in everything we do.
We respond quickly to the needs of our clients. We take the initiative to provide them with ideas and informations.
We create added value by combining our talents, our experience and expertise. We work with our clients as a team to achieve a common goal.
We are an accounting and consulting firm and therefore, we actively help our clients achieve their economic goals using our entrepreneurial mind and our motivation. The establishment of a relationship of mutual trust enables us to perform our missions that best meet the needs of our clients. We consider the legal requirements, the requirements of our professional associations and needs of our clients. We strive to provide independent and objective work. We stand by the professionalism of our services and entrepreneurship. We constantly monitor compliance with quality requirements and ensure continuous improvement.

We attach a high level of importance to confidentiality and professional secrecy. Professional secrecy covers all facts brought to our attention in the course of our business relationships.

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